A little child needs the caressing warmth of the mother during the period of infancy. She gradually introduces the child to different kinds of experiences that enable him to develop his cognition levels, initially, within the safe four-walls of the home. It is imperative that when a child enters a school, it should look like an attractive home, away from the child’s own home.

Because, when the school becomes an extension of the home, the teachers assume the role of parents within the confines of the school, and the peers assume the role of siblings. The teachers’ role, at that stage, is even larger, because they lift the foggy haze of ignorance pervading the child’s mind about the objects, figures and activities appearing before his eyes in the world around.

The teacher gradually leads him to discern, analyze, interpret and assimilate the experiences that thrill, excite and activate his mind. The potions of knowledge dispensed to him lead him to explore the world around him, enabling him to discover his own dreamland. The teacher not only imparts the nourishment of new knowledge to his mind, but also observes the child’s traits, likes and dislikes, and skillfully leads him to perform activities in which he individually excels.

There are born artists, born musicians, born scientists, born mathematicians, born sportsmen and born philosophers. It is the teacher in the early life of the child who discovers such special traits, encourages and leads the child into avenues of experiences which develop and sharpen his special aptitudes..

“ True Education comply eternal wisdom and humanity for every object of firmament and even beyond. “

Subhash Nehra