Computer Labs

There are two fully equipped modern computer labs with latest hardware and software systems, fully networked with the facility of Internet. Computer is a compulsory subject for the students upto Secondary level. Computer Science and Informatic practices are provided electives at the +2 level, keeping in mind that Computers are used as an important tool for imparting education and effective communication these days. Fully qualified and specialized teaching faculty have been deployed for this purpose.


The school has a well stacked library where an extensive reference and fiction collection is complemented with carefully selected magazines and periodicals. To inculcate the habit of reading, the students are advised from time to time the go through books pertaining to Biographies and Encyclopedia, General Science and General awareness so as to be well versed about the same.

Playing Field/Sports

The School provides ample opportunities for physical, mental and moral development of each child. Various options of games & sports provided are as under :- Football Basketball Volleyball Cricket Badminton Handball Kho-Kho Skating Athletics.

Competitive sports, which are an integral part of the school curriculum, not only motivate the children but also help in developing sportsmanship, tolerance and teamwork


For grooming students for integrated personality, the institution provides to their students an opportunity to join hobbies of their respective choices. Multifarious hobbies built in the system include

  • Art & Craft Club
  • Music & Dance Club
  • Computer Club
  • Literary club
  • Quiz Club
  • Science & Technology Club

PTM (Parents Teachers Meet)

Parents-Teachers close interaction plays a great role in the development of the child’s personality. We provide full opportunity for the parents to have free and frank discussions about their wards’ continuous progress, not only in academics but also about sharpening of their various traits and values of life. The parents and teachers come to know from each other the strengths and weaknesses of the child for further guidance and counseling. This forum is proving to be quite effective and producing wonderful results.